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I’m Peter, 16 17 18 years old, from a smaller town in Austria, called Villach -- now living in Munich, Germany. I'm fascinated by computer science, especially software engineering, machine learning, digital signal processing, embedded systems and electronics. 

I’ve been programming for quite a while now and every line of code I know how to write I learned myself, through books, through tutorials, through writing  code. I'm most proficient in C++ and Python, although I also enjoy working with Arduino and AVR C for my electronics and embedded projects; HTML, SASS / CSS, SQL, JS, Flask and Heroku for web development; LaTeX for papers or documentation; Qt and PyQt for pretty GUIs or any other language or technology that my current project might require. I love the command line and Unix wizardry. I love combining software with hardware and experimenting with electronics and ╬╝Controllers. I love tinkering, inventing, exploring, solving problems, learning continuously, working relentlessly and dreaming big.

Besides all of that, I just graduated from high school, where I was valedictorian and school president, and am now starting my Computer Science degree at TU Munich. I  work part-time on unsupervised energy-management systems at the Institute for Networked and Embedded Systems at the University of Klagenfurt and, lastly, I'm a really avid reader, especially of anything that's Ayn Rand and Objectivism.
I have a whole list of projects that are just waiting to change the world one by one, but my biggest project right now is an open-source software synthesizer, called Anthem, which I developed as part of my finals thesis for high school, titled Developing a digital synthesizer in C++.  You can check out or even contribute to this and other projects of mine on GitHub.
Feel free to send me a message by any means, you can find my contact info next to the ‘About’ tab. I’m also OK with sending me letter pigeons and I promise to look out for smoke signs once in a while. Be sure to add me on LinkedIn too! :)

A wild Peter (petrus programmerus) in its natural environment, hacking